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While sometimes a hearing aid can assist with some levels of hearing loss, often times the best and most effective solution is a cochlear implant.

Loss or lack of hearing from moderate to severe can be debilitating in your day to day life; especially if you have heard perfectly fine most of your life, that is why coming in and being evaluated for cochlear implant eligibility is imperative. One simple evaluation is all it takes and you could have your hearing returned.

The cochlear implant is medical technology that is able to bypass the damaged normal acoustic hearing with an implant directly to the cochlea and an outer processor that sits just behind the ear and looks a lot like a behind-the-ear hearing aid. It works by receiving outside sounds and translating these sounds into electronic signals delivered to the cochlea to return lost or absent hearing.

At Park Place our surgeons have conducted countless cochlear implants surgeries and have the expertise to perform this surgery with minimal invasion to the patient.

“I’ve seen this simple procedure make life changing differences in as they(patients) can reconnect with family and friends, and do hobbies that they used to love” -Dr.James White M.D.

Cochlear surgery begins with a small incision behind the ear. At this point a pocket is created soon followed by a small opening to the cochlea and a small but complex cluster of electrodes are carefully threaded inside of the cochlea to deliver the transcribed sounds.

The surgery lasts about one hour and is an outpatient procedure. You can walk into Park Place, have the implant surgery and be home, all in the same day. You may experience some discomfort from the area of surgery as they adjust and heal- that is normal. In about 6 to 10 days the cochlear implant is turned on. This can be a really special day as you begin adjusting to hearing sounds again. In cases where the patient has never heard before, they often believe it sounds poor and may need a larger adjustment period to begin understanding the sounds and frequencies.

“After surgery I could put the T.V. on the lowest setting and hear beautifully” (Claire, cochlear implant patient)

What are you waiting for? Whether for the first time or first time in a long time, you deserve to hear the world. Let Park Place Surgical Hospital drastically improve your quality of life with a short, non-invasive surgery.

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